Careeria has provided vocational training for working life purposes for over 60 years. We have operated under the name Careeria since 1.1.2019. The new multidisciplinary vocational education and training provider Careeria is preparing tomorrow’s top skilled workers for unique, future-oriented careers, many of which will demand skills in multiple languages and create new roles in international work environments. 

In order to prepare the students for careers of the future, Careeria’s students progress through studies via individual learning pathways.  

Careeria encourages, enables, guides and coaches students in their career paths by creating new horizons, strengthening lifelong learning and integration into working life. Careeria trains youth and adults in Finnish, Swedish and English and has its own apprenticeship centre. Careeria is owned by the municipalities Porvoo, Sipoo, Loviisa, Askola and Lapinjärvi. Careeria operates in Eastern Uusimaa and Helsinki capital area. The eCampus serves learners nationwide regardless of time and place.  

Careeria has more than 20 study programmes and more than 80 vocational qualifications for different fields (Vocational upper secondary qualfications, Further vocational qualifications and Specialist vocational qualifications). Careeria has approximately 11 000 students and a turnover of 35 million euros per year. The group also includes the subsidiary CareeriaPlus which operates in free market. Careeria has over 400 employees and a total of 9 premises (5 in Porvoo, Vantaa, Helsinki, Askola and Kerava).