Berufsbildende Schulen Rotenburg (Wümme)

Where we are, who we are… 

Our school is located in the North of Germany, close to the bigger cities of Hamburg and Bremen. At present there are about 2500 students and 150 teachers at our school. 

It was founded already in 1903, so we celebrated our 115th anniversary in 2018.  

In the same year, we have been a so-called Europaschule for 20 years, a profile which we are realizing with more than 30 partnerships in 17 nations. We are convinced, that these activities enhance mutual tolerance and offer great possibilities for young people.  

We offer a variety of formations and vocational trainings to our students, starting with apprenticeships in many sectors same as fulltime schools with qualifications in Economy, Technology, Media Engineering, Healthcare, Nutritional Science and Social Pedagogy, we also have our vocational grammar school with most of these key aspects. In addition, we provide qualifications in the agrarian sector and home economics. 

With our wide range of programs, we focus on the personal development of our students. We practice innovative teaching and education concepts, such as COOL, to bring forward their social, emotional, and intellectual skills.  

Our inhouse job fair is well known to students and employers even beyond Rotenburg. By this means, we give the possibility for the perfect match on the job market and a great number of our students managed to find a job here. 

It is our aim to offer to our students a future-oriented vocational education and to support them in the best way to develop all the skills needed for the modern working environment. 

Therefore, we really appreciate our project: Making business education business proof for the 21st Century.