Education and training in Europe need to keep pace with changes in society and technology and calls for access to skills development for all. Globalization makes that future-oriented companies are more and more interested in doing busines in wider international environments. Therefore, they need employees that are future-oriented and able to work across boundaries.  

The partners of this project have connected their experience and expertise to develop products/material that helps to improve the employability of VET students in the Business sector or as entrepreneurs in Europe. The products are interesting and transferable to other VET organizations in Europe. Not only VET organizations can benefit from them. Also, other types of educations (e.g., special education, higher education) can access and integrate the modules in their own training program. They are freely available through this website.  

What is available: 

  • A European Framework has been developed. This framework offers a common understanding for a which 21st skills employees of the future need in the Business sector. Beside the framework offers common understanding for which 21st skills teachers in business educational VET programs need to be able to prepare students successfully for their future. The framework describes a core set of key competences for VET students and a core set of key competences for VET teachers of the educational program. It provides support to better describe, develop, assess, validate and compare key competences and related skills, in formal, non-formal and informal learning environments.  
  • 15 BLENDED LEARNING MODULES: With the help of the mentioned framework, teachers and other professionals were able to design future-oriented innovative modules in which VET students prepare themselves for their future work in the business sector. The modules are be based on blended learning and it is possible to integrate them into the VET qualification standard.  
  • TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAMME: the program is available through which teachers learn how to design future-oriented modules as a part of their educational program. Besides that, the website provides an instruction for teachers on how to teach the available modules. 

This website is made available with the help of Erasmus+