Business Ethics

Description of Module  

This course is about the topic of Business Ethics. Students shall be enabled to recognize topical situations and give some ideas about business ethics and values between a) a customer/ client and a company, b) an employee and an employer, and c) me as an individuality. Moreover, how to solve problems and difficult situations in a polite and healthy way for themselves and others.    

Objectives of Module  

This module will cover the following:  

  • Introduction to the topic Business Ethics 
  • Identify ethical and unethical behaviour in business 
  • Rules of ethical communication 
  • Analyse information in terms of codes of ethics (Codes of Conducts) 
  • Recognize business ethics violation 
  • Awareness of consumer protection 

Skills developed in this Module  

  • Digital literacy 
  • Problem-solving 
  • Business Ethics 
  • Collaboration