De Leijgraaf

De Leijgraaf is one of 40 or so regional training centres (ROC’s) for senior secondary vocational education in The Netherlands. De Leijgraaf is located in the north-east of the province of Noord-Brabant, one of the country’s southern provinces. Around 500,000 people live in this region, whose economy is largely based on agriculture, logistics, and the food and process industries.
De Leijgraaf has 9 campuses spread over Cuijk, Oss, Uden and Veghel.

All residents of north-east Noord-Brabant are entitled to take a practically oriented training course at De Leijgraaf at any age. Companies are also welcome to approach us with their training requirements. Like any other enterprise, De Leijgraaf and its courses are demand-driven.

Some figures

De Leijgraaf has around 6000 students. Around 30 of the courses are tailor-made for companies in the region. The staff of 550 do their best to ensure modern vocational education.

Qualifications and levels

Dutch vocational education is divided into five skill levels or so-called ‘qualification levels’, as shown in the table below.

1. Assistant training for a trade with simple operational tasks
2. Basic vocational training for a trade involving a range of operational tasks
3. Vocational training for the independent professional
4. Middle management training and specialist training
5. Higher management training in a professional field

De Leijgraaf runs courses at the first four levels. Students can enter and move on from courses at all levels. If they have completed qualification level 4, they can move on to higher professional education (bachelor degree).

Training courses

Vocational education at De Leijgraaf has five main areas of study: Economics, Hotel/ Catering/ Tourism, Healthcare & Welfare, ICT and Technology. Students can choose from over a hundred training courses at different levels.

De Leijgraaf provides training sessions and courses for companies, institutions and government bodies. We provide individually tailored courses and can, if required, present lessons on company premises.

Students Service Centre

The Students Service Centre at De Leijgraaf helps drop-outs to look for work or a new training opportunity. Job seekers are helped with training, retraining or reintegration into the labour market. Students in regular courses with special needs are supported individually or in small groups alongside their regular course.
At De Leijgraaf, speakers of other languages take practically orientated courses in Dutch language and culture. People born in The Netherlands broaden their language, maths, social or computer skills.